Our story

Welcome to Appalachian Outfitter GA

   We are a family owned business that is dedicated to the customer and the products that we carry.

Our love of the outdoors gave us the inspiration to start Appalachian Outfitters Ga. There are a lot of big box outdoor stores that carry bits and pieces of gear that you need. Most of their employees haven't used the gear that they sell , so its really hard to get products that work..We never could seem to find quality gear , in stock that we were looking for.

  Through years of trial and error , we have found items that work . . We carry gear that is not only tough , but functions as it suppose to. Our staff has first hand experience with our gear so that we can help you find the right products for the sport that you are into. We carry a broad selection of products for Camping , hiking , backpacking , kayaking and paddle boarding.

 As we grow we will continue adding new products as we test them so we can assure you that the products function as they were intended. We will also be expanding our lines to clothing , accessories etc. that goes with your sports lifestyle. Your input is very important to us , it helps us fine tune the products and gear that we need to keep in stock. So please feel free to make suggestions on gear and products so that we can continue to carry the items that you want and need.

  We are located in the downtown shopping district of Acworth Georgia 5 miles from the Lake Point sporting community and .2 blocks south  of the famous Henry's restaurant. Our address is  4683 South Main Street  Acworth , Ga. 30101. Stop by and see our store we have a lot of merchandise on display so that you can see how it looks and functions  or shop 24/7 online. Thank you for your support !!